Reviews on Nora's Nursery Baby Products and Diapers

Damaris Tinajera

I am IN LOVE with two of the new sets! Our stash is 99% Nora’s Nursery diapers. I just HAD to get Toy Box and Terrazzo. The colors are beautiful and we’ve had no issues with leaks or blow-outs. The stay-dry inner layer keep my baby very happy at night. I do add an extra insert at night just in case because my son will sleep through the night sometimes (yay God!)


I love these diapers. The colors look great, their soft and very absorbent. My lil one seems to like them. They aren't restrictive. I love that the 7 pack comes with a wet dry bag. Would definitely recommend buying them their worth the price. Will be buying another set soon.

Toni Burrows

From a disposable user to cloth diaper beginner, I’m soo glad I found Nora’s Nursery. I first purchased 1 to test from what I’d describe as the biggest cloth eco diapering business in the US and I wasn’t overly impressed it was thick fleece and not ideal for hot weather and at $28 with delivery was expensive. I discovered Nora’s and thought 7 for $65 was probably too good to be true but the comments and reviews seemed genuine. I received 7 beautiful diapers that were breathable and well made… I instantly ordered another 4 in Berry Mauve. Cloth diapering is meant to be more cost effective but with Nora you might find yourself getting a diaper shopping addiction as the prints and colours available are beautiful. I’m currently at 12 and would like to build by collection to 25 so am eyeing up the Earthy Neutrals and Aztec sets up for my next purchases.

Kimberly Stuart

Nora’s nursery are the only cloth diapers I use. They are hands down the best pocket cloth diapers in their price point. You really get a Big Bang for your buck. The designs are so cute the material is excellent quality. My daughter is almost 3 months and I haven’t had any blowouts in these diapers. They are beautifully made and fit a wide range of sizes. Their bamboo inserts are very absorbent. I put two inserts in at night and they last almost all through the night. I LOVE these diapers. I would highly recommend if you’re starting your cloth diaper journey to use Nora’s nursery.

Rosalia Ramirez

The prints and solids are so beautiful !! I love the material and how easy they are to hand wash, I use prefolds as inserts and it works so perfect!

Amber Tolbert

As always, the set that I received is darling, perfect, and just like getting a gift in the mail! I love these Down to Earth colors, they blend perfectly with the other many collections I have, and we are just the biggest fans.

Tamarah Tozer

I’ve been a bumgenius user for yearsssss! But when I finally had a girl I wanted new colours! So I saw these and they were beautiful. BUT they are wonderful!!! Fit is GREAT, quality is great! Highly recommend! If I could start a stash over I’d solely get these!!

Asia Williams

I am a new mother to cloth diapering and have now been doing so for 7 months!! Initially I purchased a few brands but Nora's had been the ONLY diaper to live up to our expectations of great quality. We now own every set and I'm super grateful lol I have now completed my collection and put the other brands in storage for a rainy day.

Michelle Guerrero

Every collection I've purchased is beautiful and my baby has not had a single rash since switching to cloth diapers.