Nora’s Nursery was founded in 2014 after the birth of our daughter Nora. Like most parents we were looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to diaper our children, through our research we discovered cloth diapers. Switching to cloth diapers would be eco-friendly, but we soon realized the upfront costs of starting a stash was more than we thought. For this reason, we started Nora’s Nursery. We wanted to bring cloth diapers into parent’s homes everywhere at a fraction of the price of traditional cloth diapers without jeopardizing quality or style.



Our Ethical Approach - Thoughtfully designed in the USA and responsibly made in China.
We spent months evaluating factories around the world in search of the best for Nora’s Nursery diapers. Our priority was a partner who had ethical manufacturing processes (labor, working hour, health and safety) and could produce diapers that are safe, premium quality and cost- effective. We are proud to have selected a manufacturer China who exceeded our expectations. Even though we produce our diapers abroad we ensure we meet the same guidelines as American made brands set out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and meet testing requirements in CPSIA accredited labs. We visit our factories in China often and have strong personal relationships with those who help to make our diapers.


Transparent pricing – Your dollar, your decision.
When your dollar is your vote, we believe customers have a right to know how much their products cost to make. We share the true costs behind every diaper—from materials to labor to shipping to your door to help you to make the best decision about how you spend your dollar. To learn more click here.



Eco-friendly – Designed with the earth in mind - made well, made to last.
We design our diapers to stand the test of time. We pour a lot of energy into sourcing quality materials from quality suppliers so that you can use our diapers for years, from child to child. Our design of fully adjustable snaps will cover your baby all the way to potty-training. When you compare the impact on the environment of a handful of reusable cloth diapers to the staggering amount of raw materials involved in manufacturing 6000+ disposable diapers from birth to potty-training and the overwhelming amount of trash & plastic and other chemicals that will sit in a landfill for 500+ years, cloth diapers are the clear winner of the sustainability contest.



Cost-effective - It makes “cents”.
The cost of cloth diapers is significantly lower than the cost of disposables. Diapering a child in generic disposables typically cost more than $1,400 over 2.5 years compared to a full time cloth diapering system can cost as little as $300. The cost of cloth diapers comes upfront, when building up supply, but it relieves the recurrent stress over budgeting for disposable products on a regular basis.



Carbon Conscious – Big steps towards change with small carbon footprints.
It's not enough just to manufacture sustainable products, we also invest in programs that replace the resources we've spent, which is where offsets come in. We've partnered with The Gold Standard for the highest global standard for carbon offsets and the More Efficient Cooking and Heating in China program to help people from the Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou Provinces of China save money, while creating jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about this program here.




Community & Customer Service.
Cloth diapers have come a long way from the big squares of cloth, pins, and plastic pants of your grandmother’s generation. Now they are easy to use and comfortable for babies. Every order comes with our Free Cloth Diaper E-Book and continued customer support to make cloth diapering simple and take out any guess work when it comes to washing, wearing and troubleshooting any hiccups along the way. Each and every one of our customers are helping to create the change in reducing disposable diaper waste.



Simple Functionality - Pocket design.
Pocket diapers are known as the “modern” cloth diaper as they are the first innovation in cloth diapering in years. They are called pocket diapers because each diaper comes with a pocket to be stuff with an absorbent insert or alternatively laid directly on top. Our pocket diapers are virtually indistinguishable from disposable diapers except that they’re so much cuter!



Modern Design for a Modern Family.
Nora’s Nursery was originally created with the idea and hope to create a line of premium, modern, and unique cloth diapers that every family can afford. Each diaper sold goes through a rigorous design process to ensure that the styles chosen are both highly functional and fashionable.


At Nora’s Nursery we strive to make our customers as happy as possible. Please let us know how we’re doing, as we are always trying to improve and create designs and products that can’t be found anywhere else.
Happy shopping!