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Our Commitment

As we started on this journey to create affordable cloth diapers for families, we realized that we were so much more than just a product. Thanks to everyone that supports us, we had an opportunity to really make an impact on the community. We really wanted to be able to give back. As we continue on we will be looking to grow our community initiatives. 

When we look at how we can give back, we are focusing on 2 main areas, families and the environment. 



Ronald McDonald House Charities
We are excited to announce a new partnership here at Nora’s Nursery with the Ronald McDonald House Chapter in Toronto, Canada.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is an organization that is very close to our family’s heart. When Greyson, our first child, was born, we spent the first few weeks after his birth in the NICU at SickKids Hospital in Toronto. This was an emotional roller coaster for our family. We were excited to have our first child but stressed and anxious as our son was being cared for. Most of the time we spent there was in between visiting our son and the Ronald McDonald Family Room in SickKids. Here we met families from all over North America in similar or even more difficult situations than ours. Our experience there left us with a desire and need to give back to a place that supported us through one of the most difficult times of our life. We will never forget the kind staff, comforting environment that resembled a home, and a place to connect with other families going through similar challenges. We will forever be grateful and in debt to the RMHC for their hospitality.

Since 1981, RMHC Toronto has been a place to call home for families with seriously ill children undergoing treatment. The most important thing to parents is staying by their child’s side every step of the way. In order for families to access the medical care their child needs, they often have to travel a great distance from home. RMHC Toronto offers a clean and safe place to sleep, cook a meal and recharge for difficult days ahead.

With help from donations, they are able to offer families:

  • A place to sleep
  • Meals and snacks
  • Significant financial savings
  • A community of support
  • Fun activities for school, camp and other programming

Now during your check out on Nora’s Nursery site you have the option to add a donation to your purchase. Nora’s will be matching all donations made on our site. 100% of donations will go to RMHC Toronto - Nora’s Nursery will not be retaining any of the funds raised.

In addition we will be donating new diapers to families staying at RMHC with young children.

If you are interested in making a donation to your local chapter, please click the link to find yours here:

Drop of Grace

Drop of Grace

Nora’s Nursery has partnered with Drops of Grace to help provide diapers for families in need. Through their mission work we are able to offer diapers for families in Uganda.

A little bit about Drops of Grace, it started when they went on several short term mission trips with Long Hollow to both Haiti and Uganda. In 2017 they moved to Uganda with the plans of opening a baby home. It took a lot of work as the government there has a lot of requirements. After 2 years they were finally approved. However due to Covid and strict lockdowns, they were unable to hire staff to fill positions in the baby home.

Things are now slowly beginning to open up again. In that time there was work being done building relationships with village members and getting involved in the community.

They have initiated a "community empowerment program". This helps vulnerable children stay with family. Instead of us taking a baby into our care, they come alongside the family to help them provide for the needs of the children they take into their care.

The goal of the baby home will serve any vulnerable baby/child that has been abandoned, orphaned, or abused that the government sends us. They have the capacity to house 25 babies. They will provide quality, Christian care to each child in the baby home. The goal is not to keep them in their care but to unify them with a family. This could be a biological family member or a foster family. Drops of Grace believes family is the most important thing.

Want to learn more about the program? Click Here.


The Gold Standard


Carbon Conscious – Big steps towards change with small carbon footprints.

It's not enough just to manufacture sustainable products, we also invest in programs that replace the resources we've spent, which is where offsets come in. We've partnered with The Gold Standard for the highest global standard for carbon offsets and the More Efficient Cooking and Heating in China program to help people from the Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou Provinces of China save money, while creating jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about this program here.

Key benefits:
The use of 450,000+ tonnes of coal has been avoided since the project began
More than 500,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are avoided every year
Households save $1,500 - $2,000 on fuel over the stove’s five-year lifetime
Households save $37 - $50 for every dollar spent on the stove
Funds saved can go toward food, clothing, medical bills, and other household necessities
Improved cookstove users surveyed reported fewer symptoms indicative of exposure to indoor air pollution, including coughing and eye irritation
Impact Carbon supports local stove manufacturers and retailers in growing their businesses
Source The Gold Standard

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