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Returns & Warranty Information

What are the current shipping rates?
What is your warranty policy?
What is your return policy?
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What is the best way to contact Nora’s Nursery?


What is included in a 4 pack? A 7 pack?
What materials are used to make the diapers?
What Materials are used in the Bamboo Inserts?
What materials touch the baby’s bum?
Why does prepping cloth diapers require multiple washes?
What can I do about leaking?
What are signs that I may have build-up on my diapers?
What should I look for in a detergent?
Can I use diaper cream?
How many diapers do I need to start cloth diapering?
How can I get rid of lingering odors on my diapers?
Why knowing your hard water levels important?
What temperature settings should I use?
Are cloth diapers safe to put in the dryer?
Can I wash cloth diapers with other laundry?
How can I get rid of stains?