Inspired Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

You just found out you are having a Baby Girl, congratulations! As you begin planning for the arrival of your new bundle of joy, you find yourself contemplating a few different themes and ideas for her new nursery. Nora’s has come up with some of the top Baby Girl Nursery Idea’s that will leave you in awe – and hopefully make your planning process a bit easier. We’ve broken down this blog into two sections – trends and themes to help keep you organized!

Before getting started, here are some questions to keep in mind when planning your baby girls nursery.

Do you prefer neutral colors, or something colorful?
Do you want a sophisticated look that your baby can grow into, or something that suits baby’s?
Do you want a loose theme or a very defined theme?

Baby Girl Nursery Trends:
Some Baby Girl Nursery Trends that we have been seeing include:

Customized Wallpaper- Wallpaper in general seems to be making a come back! This is great if you are aiming for a particular theme, or if you want to add a feature wall to your baby’s nursery.

Green – Green has become a gender neutral color that we are seeing just about everywhere! Whether you are looking for a soft safe, or looking to make a statement with a rich emerald – Green can be worked into almost every nursery theme! Our New Sage 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet is a soft, gender neutral green - great to pair with every nursery theme. Also check out our Morning Dew 7 Pack of Pocket Diapers for some shade inspo. 

Multipurpose Furniture – this is a very smart trend- as it not only helps with the flow of the nursery, but can also help on your wallet! Furniture is a great way to customize your new space. Having a change table that doubles as storage unit, a crib that can transition into a toddler bed, or a comfortable chair for feeding, cuddling and even reading. These are all great pieces to have in your nursery, and are becoming super popular! Checkout our Baby Girl Nursery Ideas Pinterest Board, where we've pinned some great multipurpose products! 

Family Values – Make your baby’s new nursery a home by incorporating family values into their new space. We are seeing more and more family crests, quotes, sayings, etc. incorporated into baby’s nurseries through art or décor, and it adds such a special touch!

Baby Girl Themes:
This topic can add a lot of pressure on parents shoulders, as there are a TON of ideas! The most important thing to remember if to pick a theme that you and your partner love! Here are some of the current Top Themes

Woodlands: Woodlands is a top nursery theme, and we couldn’t agree more! Not only is it gender neutral, with its warm earthy tones, but you can do SO much with it. You can choose to focus on the scenery, with wood textures, and greenery, or focus on woodland animals.

Add our 7 Pack of Woodland Pocket Diapers to your registry and have your little match with their brand new nursery!

Jungle: Animal Print is making a comeback- and we are here for it! This is another great theme because there are so many options. You can go for a more sophisticated look, with a bold accent wall, or keep it light with some very neutral, soft patterns and prints throughout the nursery.

Our Savanna 7 pack of Pocket Diapers is currently on sale!

Florals: this is another baby girl nursery theme that is absolutely timeless. Whether you are looking to incorporate simple, soft floras, vintage florals, or a mix of greenery – a floral theme is something your little one can grow into.

Check out our 7 Pack of Harlow Pocket Diapers , our Magnolia Pocket Diapers or our Modern Blooms Pocket Diapers for some print and color inspiration.

Boho – Gender neutral, soft earthy colors and prints make for this beautiful boho theme. Keep it sophisticated with a monochromatic pallet, or add in some simple rainbows, feathers and prints for something fun yet timeless. Our

Earthy Boho 7 Pack of Pocket Diapers is a great Inspo pack for this theme!

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