Disposable to Cloth Diapers

Disposable to Cloth Diapers

by Noras Admin September 12, 2016

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I have always been somewhat interested in the idea of using cloth diapers. I have a friend who uses them and loves them, so when I found out I was expecting, I began looking more into them.

I knew NOTHING about cloth diapers. I still thought that they involved wrapping some cloth around your baby and pinning them with safety pins. Ha! So when I began searching Pinterest for cloth diaper articles, I was amazed with how much cloth diapering had improved over the years! I was especially drawn into the idea of cloth diapering when I heard that there are some really adorable patterns you can buy for your baby. (Yes, I loved that I could save money, I would be putting my baby in something safer and better for him, and that I would be helping the environment by using cloth diapers, BUT I mean, have you seen some of the cloth diapers they have these days??! SO CUTE!!!! )

Then, I saw that they also sell flushable liners!!!! SOLD! Haha, but really though, as soon as I heard about using flushable liners in the cloth diapers, I was positive that I could be successful with using cloth diapers.

**I received these diapers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Disposable to Cloth2

Well, it got closer and closer to my due date and I still had not completely made up my mind. Part of the reason that held me back was because we live in an apartment and we do not have a washer and dryer in our apartment. We do have some at the complex, but I was not sure if I wanted to be paying to wash a load of diapers every few days. Plus, I had received a TON of disposable diapers at my baby shower, so we decided to just use those.

Time past (about 15 months) and we were still using disposable diapers, but I still wanted to try using cloth. My son had a constant small rash that would NOT go away no matter what we put on or how many times we let him “air out”. 😉 I assumed it was from the diapers or the wipes and I wanted to do what I could to get rid of it. Then one day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a photo someone posted of a baby wearing THE CUTEST black and white cloth diaper! And that is how I discovered Nora’s Nursery!

Nora's Nursery

I could not get over how adorable the diaper patterns were. I loved all of the patterns that they sell, but I went with the black and white geometric cloth diapers! When I got them in the mail I could not stop telling my husband how adorable they were. I’m sure he was “over it” sooner than I was 😉

As much as I wanted to begin using them that very day, I wanted to make sure I did everything right. I read many different blogs and websites telling me the best way to cloth diaper before I even got our diapers in the mail. Once they arrived, I made sure to read the instructions, which told me to wash the inserts 3-4 times before using. This is to prepare them or “jump start” them for being at their maximum absorbency. So because I did not want to pay for three loads of diaper inserts, I headed to my moms (thankfully she does not live far!) and did them there.

Once they were dry I then stuffed the inserts into the pocket of the cloth diaper and put them in the top drawer of our changing table, ready for their first use!

Cloth Diaper Set UPCloth Diaper Changing Table

Please come back for part 2 of how we transitions from disposable to cloth diapers overnight later this week! You might be surprised with how easy it is to use cloth diapers!

with love,

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.54.30 PM

Noras Admin
Noras Admin


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