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Self Care Challenge

60 Days Challenge

Change your life in
60 days!

It is time to make self-care a priority! With our challenge, we will help you find the balance you have been looking for. The ultimate support group for parents!

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Challenge Starts March 18, 2024:

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Why You Need This Challenge

It is like they say on an airplane you need to put on your mask before you try to help others. Sometimes we think being a parent means sacrificing our care to provide better for our children. When in reality when we learn to better take care of ourselves we become the best parent possible for our children.

By taking part in this challenge you will learn how to carve out that much needed "self care" time each day to prioritize your mental health and needs to help bring some balance to your daily life.

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Hey there!
We are Nora's Nursery!

Nora's Nursery was founded in 2014 after the birth of our daughter Nora with a mission to create a community where parents can feel confident and proud of the products they use for their little ones.

As parents we know how hard it can be to think about taking care of ourselves with little ones at home. We created this challenge because we want to remind parents it is ok to spend some time on your own care in addition to caring for your children.

Our promise is to help you carve out some time each day to make YOU a priority. You will see how taking care of you brings the best of you forward for your family!

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How much time does it take to complete the challenge?

The greatest part of this challenge is you are in control of setting a realistic goal based around your current schedule. For self care we recommend the minimum commitment is 15 minutes a day but anything above that is totally up to you!

What happens if I don’t complete the challenge?

The goal of this challenge is to help you adjust your schedule to make changes to help you better build self care into your day. But as parents ourselves, we get THINGS HAPPEN out of our control that can affect us some days. The point is not to give up after a off day but just keep trying your best to help make positive permanent changes to your lifestyle.

Can I invite my friends to join?

YES!! The goal is to build a community of supportive parents that understand our daily struggle but support everyone in reaching their ultimate goals. It’s a classic but the more the merrier!

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