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Nora's Nursery Reviews

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Nora's Nursery Cloth Diaper Review - Alice
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Nora's Nursery Cloth Diaper Review

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Emma Stoppani

I am still pretty new to cloth diapering but I have to say that so far, these are my favorite diapers. I started with a pack of 4, to see if I was going to like them. I have a mix of various brands, and I always find myself reaching foe my Nora’s Nursery diapers. I am always disappointed once I have used them all and have to move on to my other diapers, so I just ordered another pack of 7. I needed to increase my diaper stash and decided to go for those amazing diapers. They are pretty, I have had no leak issues, they wash well, the inserts are very nice, and I like everything about the company. I am sold. Now the most difficult thing is going to have to not buy too many. They are just way too beautiful.

Sara Hawthorne

Everyone talks about finding their "brand" of diapers; well we found ours! These fit my 2 year old PERFECTLY and made jumping into cloth diapering easy, straightforward, and enjoyable! My toddler loves wearing her Nora's Nursery (her name also happens to be Nora!). I love the beautiful colors and patterns, and although my Nora will be out of diapers soon, the packs I've gotten will perfect for baby girl #2 arriving in June, and beyond! Thank you for making a beautiful, affordable, inclusive, and accessible product that is better for my child, our wallets, and the environment!

Bethany Stackhouse

I honestly hesitated to buy these. The price just seemed too good to be true. I thought - there is no way these can be any good when I get four pockets with inserts for under $40. I went ahead and bought them after about a month of thinking about it. Then when they arrived & after I prepped them I thought well there is no way one insert will work so I had back ups standing by but I wanted to see how long the one insert would last. Well I’ve been using them daily for about two weeks now & boy were my original thoughts wrong! Nora’s really knows diapers & baby butts! Lol! The fit is excellent. I’ve only had to use the one insert (we have a different overnight set up that works so these are just day time use). And last but not least the prints -omg! I thought they looked great in the picture but seeing them in person, they are just fantastic & way better then pictured!!! If you are like me & hesitating, I get it. But I think you will be surprised at how much you like them as well! If you have a heavy wetter during the day you may need more absorbency but I change my LO every 2hrs or so & we haven’t had an issue yet.

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