Difference Between Pocket Diapers & Diaper Covers

Pocket Diapers and Cover Diapers

Cloth Diapers have come a long way, and after some research, you’ve come to the conclusion that Cloth Diapering/ Reusable Diapers is the right fit for your family- great news! However, now you’ve found yourself at a crossroads, as you’re not sure which style/type of cloth diaper is the best option.  As you may (or may not) know, there are quite a few different styles of cloth diapers including different enclosure options, size options and even materials. Here at Nora’s Nursery, we began our Cloth Diaper Journey with Pocket Style Cloth Diapers. Pocket Cloth Diapers are known as “modern” reusable diapers, as they are the first innovation in cloth diapers in years. We recently expanded our cloth diaper collections, and have added (by popular demand) Cloth Diaper Covers to our brand- also known as Hybrid Cloth Diapers. Let’s compare the two! 


Pocket Cloth Diapers Pocket Diaper
This style of Cloth Diaper has a
waterproof exterior, and an absorbent lining on the inside of the diaper. In between the two, is a pocket to hold an absorbent Cloth Diaper Insert. Our Pocket Diapers are made adjustable,and aim to
fit 10lbs - 35lbs.
These diapers can also work as a Newborn Cloth Diaper, as we offer some newbornsizing tips! They can also  be purchased in 4 Packs, 7 Packs or as Singles.
Each Pocket Diaper comes with a Cloth Diaper Insert.

Cover Diaper
Cloth Diaper Covers (Hybrid Cloth Diapers)
This style of Cloth Diaper also has a waterproof

exterior, however no lining on the inside.
There is a snap included that can attach to a Bamboo Insert.
Diaper Covers can also be used with
multiple cloth diaper inserts, such as Flats, Prefolds or Fitteds. Our Diaper Covers are also made adjustable, and aim to fit 10lbs-35lbs. These can also be used as a
Newborn Cloth Diaper
They can currently be purchased in packs of 7. Cloth Diaper Inserts with a snap can be
purchased separately in a pack of 7.


Overall, our Pocket Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diaper Covers look very similar on the outside. Both are made of TPU Waterproof lining. They both include adjustable snaps enclosures that allow for enough flexibility to fit 10lbs-35lbs. They both are used with a Bamboo insert and come in some pretty cute colors, too! 

The differences:

Pocket Diaper Leg Gusset
Our Pocket Cloth Diapers include a single leg gusset on each side of the diaper. This helps with a comfortable, yet snug fit around your baby’s
legs- especially when they begin to crawl and walk.

Cover Diaper Double Gusset
Our Cloth Diaper Covers on the other hand, offer two leg gussets on each side of the diaper. Along with helping with a comfortable, snug fit around your baby’s legs, the double leg gussets also help keep the insert in place.
You’ll learn more about that next!


Our Pocket Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diaper Covers function the same for the most part. Both are put on and sized the same way. Our cloth diapers include a snap system on the front of the diapers, as well as the hip tabs. This allows you to properly fit your baby comfortably, while minimizing the risk of leaks. (Leaks can still happen from time to time... unfortunately this is inevitable.) Both Cloth Diapers also require an absorbent Cloth Diaper Insert. Along with this, you can also use Disposable Diaper Liners to help with an easy clean up! 

The differences:

Our Pocket Cloth Diapers include a pocket! This pocket is located at the top of the back of the diaper. You stuff the pocket with an absorbent Bamboo Insert, keeping the insert in its place, and proceed to put the diaper on as normal. To learn how to properly size and snap our cloth diapers, visit our Avoid Leaks - Get The Perfect Fit blog post. The pocket can also be double stuffed (adding two inserts) for extra protection. In the case where you may be going a longer than normal period of time in between diaper changes (travel, sleep, etc) you can even add an insert that lays flat, on top of the pocket (lining) for some extra protection. To learn more about Extra Absorbency, visit our Extra Inserts for Extra Absorbency blog post.
Pocket Diaper with InsertPocket Diaper with Insert

Cloth Diaper Covers on the other hand work a bit differently. For starters, a diaper cover means simply that- a cover. They do not have a pocket. When you open your diaper cover and lay it flat, you will notice a tummy panel at the bottom (front) of the diaper, a back panel (at the top of the diaper), and a snap on the inside of the diaper, under the bottom (front) panel. That snap is used to secure a Bamboo Insert in its place. Since there is no “pocket” to keep your insert from moving around, we chose to add a snap that would attach to your insert, and double leg gussets for a bit of added security for your insert. Along with inserts, cloth diaper covers can also be used with flats, prefolds, or fitted’s. Since there is no “pocket” to stuff, you can get away with adding more layers of protection into a Diaper Cover.
Cover Diaper Exterior Cover Diaper Interior

Wash & Care:

Washing and caring for your Pocket Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diaper Covers go hand-in-hand. Both can be prepped, and washed following our Recommended Wash Routine. Both the Pocket Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diaper Covers should be fully unsnapped, with no Cloth Diaper Inserts in them/attached to them prior to placing them in your washing machine.

The differences:
The main differences are, Pocket Diapers need to be “stuffed” with an insert whereas Cover Diapers have the Cloth Diaper Insert /PreFold/Fitted lay flat on top of the diaper, and snapped in.
 Pocket Diapers also need to be fully changed with every diaper change- meaning you need to replace the pocket diaper and insert with every diaper change. Diaper Covers however can be wiped clean on the inside (unless soiled), and you would only need to swap out the insert/flat/prefold with a clean one. Therefore, a bit of extra laundry can be required with Pocket Diapers. For more information on Prepping Cloth Diapers and Cleaning Cloth Diapers, visit our Washing 101 blog post. 

In conclusion: 

When it comes down to it- both Pocket Style Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diaper Covers/ Hybrid Cloth Diapers are a great choice when it comes to cloth diapering your baby. For some, a combination of the two is the perfect routine. It is more of a preference of what would work best for you and your family. Pocket Cloth Diapers include an extra “stay dry” layer (inner lining) that Cloth Diaper Covers do not have. However, Cloth Diaper Covers can be reused multiple times before washing, whereas Pocket Cloth Diapers need to be changed with every diaper change.
Both styles can be a part of a successful Reusable Diaper Routine.

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