Why You Should Use Reusable Swim Diapers

Why You Should Use Reusable Swim Diapers

Ready for some fun in the sun? Look no further – Nora’s Nursery Swim Diapers make water play effortless for your little one! Our Reusable Swim Diapers feature adjustable snaps making it easy to put on and take off, a functional design to keep solids in and extra liquids out, and super cute, bright prints making your baby easily noticeable both in and out of the water! Nora’s Nursery Swim Diapers are currently sold in packs of 3, and are available in 4 different prints: TropicalSeasideHamptons, and Laguna . Our Swim diaper packs each come with a Waterproof, Reusable Wet Bag.

Why use reusable swim diapers?

Reusable Swim Diapers were designed with your baby’s safety in mind. Traditional disposable diapers are designed to hold liquid, causing them to bloat and become heavier when wet or submerged in water. Our Reusable Swim Diapers however were designed to not hold liquids, therefore they do not run the risk of filling up and/or weighing your baby down. Instead, their adjustable waist and elastic leg gussets help hold in solids, especially when submerged in water, minimizing the risk of messy leaks. Reusable Swim Diapers are made with a sleek design, allowing your baby to wear them on their own, or even under bathing suits. They are also lined with AWJ (Athletic Wicking Jersey), making them quick drying!

How do Reusable Swim Diapers work?

Nora’s Nursery swim diapers function the same as our Pocket Style Cloth Diapers and Diaper Covers. With a simple snap system, our Swim Diapers can be sized to fit 10lbs-35lbs and offer a snug fit around your baby’s waist and legs. Our Reusable Swim Diapers can be used as Newborn Swim Diapers, and even Toddler Swim Diapers.

Our Swim Diapers feature our signature snap system on the front of the diaper. Each diaper includes adjustable waist snaps to help ensure your baby gets a snug fit around their legs and waist. Our Swim Diapers include 4 rows of rise snaps. This differs from our Pocket Diapers and Diaper Covers, which only feature 3 rows or rise snaps. We chose to add the extra row of rise snaps on our Swim diapers to help provide a more snug fit on your baby’s bottom. As Swim Diapers will mostly be used in water and get wet, we wanted to prevent the diapers from sagging down- especially if soiled. Also, swim diapers do not require a reusable insert, therefore will have some extra room in them when on your baby. 

Travel Friendly

On the go? Our Reusable Swim Diapers, not only travel well, but you do not need to haul around as many as you would disposable diapers or disposable swimmers. Simply wear, wash and reuse our swim diapers! Our Reusable Swim diapers can be cared for similarly to our cloth diapers, and dry quickly too! We recommend rinsing and wringing out your reusable swim diapers prior to placing them in your reusable wet bag and prior to washing, to prevent chlorine from sitting on them. To learn more about our suggested wash and care routine, visit our Washing 101 Blog Post. Our Swim Diapers also come with a waterproof Reusable Wet Bag. This makes it easy to store both used and new Swim Diapers while on the go! Featuring two separate zip pockets, you won’t have to worry about your dry Swim Diapers getting wet or dirty. Once you rinse and wring out your used diapers, store them in the top zipper pocket. Use the second zip pocket to store clean, dry cloth diapers. 

Reusable Swim Diapers vs. Disposable Swim Diapers.

Both Reusable Swim Diapers and Disposable Swim Diapers are designed to not be absorbent. This means that they both do not hold onto extra water, potentially weighing your baby down. Aside from one being disposable, and one being reusable and environmentally friendly, a major difference between disposable and Reusable Swim Diapers is that disposable materials can irritate your baby’s skin over time. Also, when packing for the pool or beach, you will not need to haul a bunch of Swim Diapers with you. One reusable swim diaper can be worn multiple times, even in one day! Nora’s Nursery Reusable Swim Diapers grow with your baby. With our adjustable snap system, your baby can wear these from 10lbs up to 35 lbs. To learn more about our size guide and snap system, visit our Avoid Leaks, Get The Perfect Fit Blog Post. Having the ability to adjust the size of our reusable diapers eliminates having to purchase multiple packs and sizes, saving your family some $. They are quick drying, and can be easily stored in our waterproof wet bags!

Are Cloth Diaper Covers the same as Reusable Swim Diapers?

You may be thinking- can’t I just use my Nora’s Nursery Diaper Covers in the pool or at the beach? Reusable Diaper Covers are great for keeping your baby mess and leak free- similar to our swim diapers. The difference is, Diaper covers are used with a reusable, absorbent insert which helps hold liquids. When submerged in water, they can slowly begin to fill up, or hold onto excess water. When your little one is done with water play, their diapers can begin to leak through the leg openings of the cover diaper, and sometimes cause any solids in their diapers to come out with it. Because Swim Diapers are not designed to be absorbent, you do not run the risk of your baby’s diaper holding onto liquid, weighing them down. You also limit the risk of messy leaks, as Swim Diapers hold onto any solids in the diaper. When using cloth diapers in a pool, Chlorine exposure overtime can wear down the waterproof lining on cloth diapers. This can cause them to lose their ability to keep your baby and their surroundings dry. Prolonged effects of Chlorine can also wear down the elastics in cloth diapers, which can in turn affect the fit and function of the overall reusable diaper. 

In a pinch? Keep these in mind if using a Cloth Diaper as a Swim Diaper:

1. Remove all inserts, pre-folds, flats, etc from the diaper.
 2.You will then need to readjust the rise and waist snap settings on the diaper. As you are removing the inserts, this allows for more space in the diaper, causing the diaper to potentially fit big on your baby.
3. Ensure the diaper is snug around your baby’s waist and legs. This will prevent any solids from escaping the diaper.
4. Consistent exposure to chlorine can cause wear on your Cloth Diapers over time. It is best to allocate a couple of Cloth Diapers as swim diapers, rather than using your entire stash!

Looking for Swim Diapers near me? We now have you covered! Nora’s Nursery is super excited to be adding Reusable Swim Diapers to our collections. Thanks to our Community for their continuous feedback and support, we look forward to growing and expanding with you and your families! 

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