What are the types of Inserts to use on Cloth Diapers

Types of Inserts for Cloth Diapers

Avoiding cloth diaper leaks can be a bit of trial and error. Getting the right inserts for your baby is key in not only mastering cloth diapers, but preventing leaks in cloth diapers and keeping your baby comfortable. Here at Nora’s Nursery, we now offer a variety of Inserts and Prefold’s to help reduce leaks and increase absorbency in cloth diapers.
What is the difference between an Insert and a Prefold? Let’s dive in!
Bamboo Insert Inserts and Prefolds
Inserts – Our inserts measure at 13” by 5” in width, and can be used in both our pocket diapers and cover diapers. These are great for everyday use. Inserts can be used individually, or can be doubled up for heavy wetter’s or for overnight use.

Prefolds – Our prefolds measure at 13" in length and 15" in width when laying flat, however can fold into thirds. When folded, the prefold measures at 13" in length and 5" in width. This gives you more layers which equals more protection against leaks.   Our Prefolds can also be used in our pocket diapers or Diaper covers, and are great for heavy wetter’s or for overnight use with their extra layers of protection.

Now that we know the difference between an Insert and a Prefold, let’s go through all of the products we offer here at Nora’s Nursery, to find which is best for you and your child.

Bamboo Inserts

Bamboo Inserts: Our Bamboo Inserts are made up of 4 layers. The two exterior layers of the insert are made of Bamboo. The two interior layers of the insert are made of microfibre. (This does not come into contact with your baby’s skin.)  Bamboo is not only soft to touch, and will be comfortable against your baby’s skin, but is also absorbent, and will help prevent leaks in your baby’s cloth diaper. Paired with microfibre, these inserts are our current best seller and are included with all of our cloth diapers. Our Bamboo Inserts are also sold in a pack of 10, or can be purchased in a 7 pack featuring snaps to use with diaper covers.

Bamboo Prefolds

Bamboo Prefolds- Our Bamboo Prefolds are made from a Bamboo Viscose Blend. This insert features two panels of bamboo on each side panel and 4 panels of material in the center. When folded in thirds (13” x 5”), these prefolds give you 8 layers of Bamboo, which means 8 layers of protection against leaks. These prefolds  can be used in pocket diapers, and also feature a snap to attach to diaper covers. These prefolds can be used on their own, or as a booster. Purchase them in our Bamboo Prefold 7 Pack. 

Charcoal Bamboo Inserts

Charcoal Bamboo Inserts - Our Charcoal Inserts are made of 5 layers of Bamboo Charcoal. They are our standard size of insert (13” x 5”) and also include a snap feature, allowing them to be used in both Pocket diapers, and our Diaper Covers. These Charcoal inserts work great on their own or as a booster. Purchase them in our Charcoal Insert 10 Pack

Hemp Prefolds

Hemp Prefolds – Our Hemp Prefold is made from a Natural blend of Hemp and Cotton. Our Hemp prefold features two layers of this blend. When folded into thirds, this Hemp Prefold offers 6 Layers of protection against leaks! Hemp cotton is a very absorbent blend of fabric. This Prefold can be used in pocket diapers, as well as our diaper covers with its snap feature. Our Hemp prefold can be used on its own or as a booster.  Purchase them in our Hemp Prefold 2 Pack.

It's also important to note that prepping for different insert materials may require more washes for them to reach full absorbency. The amount of time it takes for your inserts to reach adequate absorption is sensitive to detergent water hardness levels, and the your wash routine

Depending on how often and how much your baby goes will determine which option is best for you and your family. For more Tips and Tricks on avoiding leaks in cloth diapers, check out our Get The Perfect Fit Blog Post

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