Reusable Wet Bags, Diaper Pail Liners & Change Pad

Reusable Wet Bags, Pail Liners and Change Pad

Some of the most common questions we get revolve around washing cloth diapers.  We created a step-by-step guide to help our customers ease into a cloth diaper laundry routine, with great tips on how to tackle hard water, detergents, stains and more! A key factor in cloth diaper laundry is properly storing used cloth diapers prior to washing. Leaving used cloth diapers for too long, or not storing them properly can result in some tough cloth diaper stain removal, and even cause bacteria to grow.  Keeping our planet in mind, we wanted to find a way for our customers to quickly and easily store their used cloth diapers prior to washing, without all the waste! This was one of our main reasons for creating our Reusable Cloth Diaper Wet Bags and New Reusable Diaper Pail Liners. Not only do they hold used cloth diapers, Our Cloth Diaper Wet Bags are multi purpose, allowing you to store some clean ones in there too both at home or even on the go!

Wet Bags:

Our Reusable Cloth Diaper Wet Bags were designed to help ease your cloth diaper routine! Whether you are using them at home, or on the go – this product makes cloth diaper changing effortless, and is a staple in every cloth diaper routine. Our Reusable Wet Bags are 11” wide and 15” in length, and include two zip pockets. Our Wet bags can hold up to 8 cloth diapers and reusable inserts at a time.

They can be purchased in packs of two, however if you purchased one of our 7 packs of cloth diapers, we include a wet bag in the bundle! Our Wet Bag’s can be purchased in 2 packs in our Black and White Prints, Our Earthy Boho Prints, and now in our brand new solids Desert Forest, and our newest solid, Garden! 

Our Wet bags have an inner lining making them completely waterproof, and help keep odor in! This is key for diapers that are heavily soiled, or for those that may need a spray down prior to storing. Along with storing your Cloth Diapers, our Reusable Wet Bags are great for trips to the beach! Store your Nora’s Nursery Reusable Swim Diapers in our Wet Bags once your little one is done with water play.  Our Reusable Wet Bags also include two zip pockets- one for storing wet or used cloth diapers or dirty clothes, and the other for keeping some clean ones easily accessible for diaper changes.  Our Reusable wet bags include a snap strap, which makes it easy to carry or hang on your stroller while you’re on the go. Best part- throw your reusable wet bags into your cloth diaper laundry load for an easy clean up!

Pail Liners:

Looking for a place to store a larger amount of cloth diapers? Do you currently use a diaper pail? Tired of all the waste? Nora’s Nursery is so excited to announce that we will now be carrying Reusable Pail Liners! Similar to our Reusable Wet Bags, we wanted to design a product that helps ease the cloth diaper laundry routine, without the mess or waste!  It is important to note, Our Reusable Pail Liners will hold in moisture from soiled diapers, however are not meant to hold liquid from soaked diapers (ie. pre rinsing or soaking diapers prior to washing)

You can think of our Reusable Pail Liners as a large wet bag for cloth diapers. Our Reusable Pail Liners measure at 29” in length, and include an elastic opening that stretches to 19” wide! Thus making it compatible with most Diaper Pails.


Our Reusable Pail Liners also have a waterproof coating to prevent leaking for those heavily soiled cloth diapers. Designed with a button strap, to close the pail liner and lock in any smells that may linger. It is important to note that this strap is not to be used for hanging the pail liner, but simply for closing it when needed.  Like our Reusable Cloth Diaper Wet Bags, these Reusable Pail Liners make for an easy clean up, and can be wiped down and thrown in with your cloth diaper laundry load. Our Reusable Pail Liners will be available for purchase in packs of two, in our best selling solids – Desert and Forest; and in our newest solid, Garden! 

Dual Sided Change Pads

We are so excited to be launching this brand new product to our Nora's Nursery collection,  Our Dual Sided Change Pad.

Featured in four prints and colors, our Reusable Change Pad is dual sided. One side is made of absorbent Bamboo Material to help catch any leaks or messes as baby is being changed. The second side of the change pad is waterproof. Best part - our change pad can fold up and tucks away into its attached pouch, making it easy to carry around with you on the go. 
Our change pad is 27" long and 15" wide when it is laying flat. Once it is folded up, it measures at 9" in length and 5.5" wide. Our Change Pad can be thrown in with your cloth diaper laundry for an easy clean up, and can be reused over and over again. 

Shop our Dual Sided Change Pad in four prints and colours - Boho, Sea, Rose and Sage. Whether you are looking for the best wet bag for cloth diapers , best diaper pail liner or a new Reusable Dual Sided Change Pad- Nora’s Nursery has you covered! Our Reusable Diaper Pail Liners are currently available on our Amazon Shop. For more tips on finding a cloth diaper laundry routine that works for you and your family, check out our Washing 101 Blog post.

Want to see these products in action? Checkout below with some of our videos!

Nora's Nursery Tiktok video explaining how to use our Wet Bags.


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